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PHerc. 1020: Early Stoic Author, Unknown Work


PHerc. 1020: Early Stoic Author, Unknown Work
Naples, 15-17 September 2016

PHerc. 1020 contains one of the most important Stoic texts which have come to us directly from antiquity. In effect, this writing is to be attributed to, most likely, Chrysippus in person, i.e. the refounder, as it were, of Stoic philosophy, and is crucial for our understanding of (not only early) Stoic philosophy. The new critical edition of the last eight text columns of this papyrus (cols. 104- 112), made by Michele Alessandrelli and Graziano Ranocchia, the organisers of this workshop, in the framework of the ERC Starting Grant 241184-PHerc (European Commission, FP7, ‘Ideas’,, has signed an important step forward in its reconstruction and interpretation (see,%20coll.%20104-112.7.pdf). In the last two years, basing ourselves on autopsy of the original manuscript (preserved in the National Library of Naples), we made for the first time a critical reconstruction of further eight columns of text, which have never edited so far and, hence, are completely unknown to scholars. The purpose of the International Workshop PHerc. 1020: Early Stoic Author, Unknown Work is to present and discuss for the first time this valuable material together with well-known papyrologists and specialists of Stoic philosophy. In particular, this inedited philosophical text will be subjected to a double treatment: on the one hand, it will be thoroughly analysed and discussed from a papyrological and a philological point of view; on the other, its crucial philosophical content will be contrasted against other evidence on Stoic philosophy either to confirm it or to correct it.

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