Profilo Francesco Gianturco

Prof. Dr. Francesco Gianturco

Consigliere del Direttivo dell’Associazione Italiana Alexander von Humboldt
Institute of Ion Physics, University of Innsbruck
Temi di ricerca: Theory of elementary processes in molecular gases, neutral and ionized. Computational modelling of the dynamics of energy transfers due to discharges in molecular gases; Non-equilibrium behaviour and transport properties in molecular mixtures; Computational modelling via quantum and classical treatment of the relevant molecular Inelastic cross sections and rates; Electronic structure calculations and construction of potential energy surfaces for the dynamics of protonation, ionization and excitation of small gaseous molecules.
Altri incarichi: Elected Senior Associate,Linacre College, Oxford University, Senior Coordinator of a Research Unit within the ITN EU project COMIQ, Recipient of a Research Project from the Austrian FWF Research Agency.


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